Commence Holiday Cookie Decorating

The holidays are approaching.  I make hundreds to thousands of intricate cookies each year, largely European and family classics.  These include cookies that are hand-formed, rolled, cutout and dipped along with many pressed into hand-carved wooden molds.  This year I decided to include decorated cookies.  No small amount of supplies are needed.

Below are some of my first attempts.

Fondant rolled with textured rolling pins for the bonbons.  Wrapper is textured using a quilted roller. Edible pearls are glued on with royal icing.

Close-up shot of fondant and textured rolling pins. (Here is a link to a huge selection.)

Descent of the cows from the Alps using a set of cookie cutters purchased in Appenzell, Switzerland. Decorated with royal icing, fondant and homemade chocolate clay.

Snowflakes decorated with textured, rolled fondant and edible pearls.

Snowflakes decorated with royal icing dragged with a toothpick.

Wild boars decorated with homemade chocolate clay (chocolate and corn syrup).  Fondant collar and Edelweiss flower.

The cows are also decorated with a layer of chocolate clay dappled with spots of chocolate clay lightened with white fondant.

Snowflake decorated with fondant and edible pearls.


  1. a – ma – zing !!!

    so cool to see how you did the fondant with those textured rolling pins, thanks for sharing the behind the scenes 😉 did you make those edelweiss yourself too ?! and i totally agree, way more fun making them than eating them. too pretty, i could never !

  2. Thanks! As for Edelweiss – I have piped them with royal icing in the past but these were done with fondant. If you look at my work table picture, you can see two round cutters between the textured rolling pins and the regular pin. I used those to cut the fondant, layering the smaller one on top of the larger one. Center of one is piped royal icing and the center of the other is made from tiny rolled balls of yellow fondant. I love the Alpabfahrt cookie cutter set. You can buy them several places in Appenzell for under CHF10!! Yes, a bargain in Switzerland. Show I did on decorating classes in Switzerland just aired.

    • Hi Amy,

      The textured rolling pins are really nice and I love your handmade and hand-decorated cookies! The radio show is brilliant, thanks a lot for spreading the word!

      • Thanks, Timea. I only started using those textured rolling pins a week ago and LOVE them. They would be a great thing to use in you class. Instant, fabulous results with no effort. Glad you liked the radio show.

  3. Debra Taylor says:

    I LOVE the Alpabfahrt cookies you’ve made, too, Amy! All of these are gorgeous. Well done (again) !

  4. Thanks, Debra. So nice of you to read and comment on my blog. Really appreciate it!! Appenzell Alpabfahrt not cow-accurate, as you know, being they are only cookies and not a historical record. They do not adorn them with flowers in that region and only have Brown Swiss. Went to a phenomenal one in Mels, Graubunden this year. Even bought a commemorative Alpabfahrt fleece with embroidered flower-bedecked cow on it making me look like an idiot in downtown Zurich but the envy of all the farm girls when I head out of the city.

  5. Hey Amy!!
    I’m desperatly looking for a wild boar cookie cutter! Where did you find your’s?
    Thanks for your reply!

  6. Hello Amy,

    I love your cookies !!!

    You can go to my website:

    See you soon

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