Radio Shows

All radio shows listed below were recorded on World Radio Switzerland when it was a part of the Swiss public radio network. It has since been privatised. Links to most are gradually going on-line in the list below.

MAY 2013

02 Appenzeller Alpenbitter – An herbal liqueur dating from 1902

 April 2013

11 AOC Valais Raclette

18 Cholera Cake

25 Appenzell Beer and Whiskey

March 2013

07 Solothurner Torte

14 Vin Cuit

21 Salon du Chocolat Zürich

28 Einsiedeln Schafbock

February 2013

07 Fasnachtschüechli – Fried Carnival Sweets

14 Basler Fasnacht Mehlsuppe – Carnival Flour Soup

21 Historical Link Between Lent and Cheese in Switzerland

28 Sbrinz Cheese

January 2013

03 Popular Soups of Ticino – Minestrone and Busecca

10 How the St. Gallen Bread Got Its Shape

17 Älpermaronen – Swiss Macaroni, Potatoes and Cheese

24 Magentraes – Spiced Sugar Dating Back to the Late 16th Century

31 Triätschnitte – Traditional Spiced Toasted Bread in Mulled Wine

December 2012

06 Best Swiss Cookbooks in English

13 A 200 Year Old Sandalwood Christmas Cookie Recipe

20 Riedel Stemware – Why Wine Glass Shape Matters

November 2012

01 Nillon (Nion) – Ground nuts after oils extracted (description and tart recipe)

15 Cookie, Cupcake and Cake Decorating Classes

22 How to Make Suure Mocke (Sauerbraten)

29 Tirrgel – A Zürich Holiday Tradition (LINK to radio show)

October 2012

04 Pressing Apple Juice in Graubunden

11 Polenta in Ticino

18 Sauser – Seasonal Fermented Grape Juice

25 Salon des Chocolatiers et du Chocolat in Geneva

September 2012

06 Asphalt-Cooked Ham – La Presta Miner’s Treat

13 Swiss Absinthe – History and Protected Status in Val-de-Travers

20 Hiltl – Oldest Vegetarian Restaurant in Europe

27 Traditional Plum Cake – Zwetschgendatschi

August 2012

03 Pavlova – an Austrian classic using all Swiss ingredients

09 Chocolate Zucchini Bread

16 Das Beste der Region – Genuss ’12 events

23 Corn

30 Frey Chocolate – largest producer in Switzerland celebrating 125 years

July 2012

05 Influence of Romans on Cuisine in Avenches

12 Fottzelschnitten (Swiss “French Toast”)

19 Glarner Pastete (traditional plum and almond paste filled puff pastry)

26 Fänz – the oldest Alpine farmer dish

 June 2012

07 Red Globe Radishes

14 1822 Langenthal Military Sausage

21 Wild Strawberries

28 Making Your Own Yogurt

May 2012

03 BEA Expo celebrating regional product of Bernese Oberland

10 Carac – a uniquely Swiss sweet tart

17 Brew your own beer at Rappi Bier Factory in Rapperswil

24 Zincarlin cheese of Ticino (raw milk, wine washed, pepper cheese)

31 Luganighetti Sausage of Ticino

April 2012

05 Almond Raspberry Easter Tart (description and recipe)

12 Homemade Dandelion Honey (description and recipe)

19 Hike to Graubunden Mineral Springs (Allegra and Passugger)

22 Appenzell Landsgemeindchrempfli (General Assembly Election pastries)

March 2012

01 Stefan Wiesner, the Sorcerer Chef of Entelbuch

08 Max Felchlin AG – Premier Chocolate Producer

15 Appenzeller Käsefladen / Appezöller Chäsflade

(Round bread topped with cheese, milk, cream, flour and spice mixture.)

22 Anise Paradise – Manufacturer of Springerle Cookie Molds (LINK to radio show)

29 Salon du Chocolat – Chocolate Show in Zürich

February 2012

02 From Bean-to-Bar (How Fine Chocolate is Made)

09 Largest Hot Sauce Importer in Switzerland

16 Schwyzer Kösikrapfen

(Fall festival and Fasnacht dried pear puree-filled fried dough treats.)

23 Solothurn Wine Soup and Award Winning Wine Soup Kit

January 2012

05 Ticino Torte di Pane (Bread Cake)

12 Swiss New York-style Bagels (LINK to radio show)

19 Schangnau Water Buffalo Farmer (Emmental) (LINK to radio show)

26 Swiss-made Mozarella from Emmental  (LINK to radio show)

December 2011

01 Bern Onion Market (and recipe for Pumpkin and Onion topping)

08 Geneva L’Escalade Chocolate Marmite (Chocolate Festival Cauldrons)

15 Geneva L’Escalade Festival Soup

22 Glühwein (Spiced Mulled Wine)

29 Basel Salmon (Recipe and history of salmon extinction in Rhine River.)

November 2011

03 Bonvillars Black Truffle Festival

10 Chandra Kurt Wine Collection (Ancient, indigenous Valais grape varieties.)

17 Magenbrot (description and factory tour)

24 Grittibänz (St. Nicholas Day bread man history and recipe.)

October 2011

06 Fennel (description and recipe)

13 Pear Drying in Wood Ovens in Graubunden (Saving the tradition.)

20 St. Jakob Foundation (Bakery employing disabled people.)

27 Apple Juice Cream (recipe)

September 2011

01 Swiss-Made American-Style Cookies

07 Benichon Moutarde (Competition in Estavayer-le-Lac.)

15 Wildschwein (Roasting an entire wild boar.)

22 Gletscherbach Cheese from Lenk

29 Mon Chocolatier (New chocolatier in Estavayer-le-lac.)

August 2011

04 Damasine Ice Cream (Visit to an ice cream maker in Corban.)

11 Grimentz Glacier Wine (An oddity in the wine world.)

July 2011

07 Food From the Land (A listener gathers, grows and cooks.)

14 Nettle Soup (recipe)

21 Valais Apricots and Tart Recipe

28 Rose of Bern Tomatoes

June 2011

02 Murten Nidelkuchen (A focaccia-like dough topped with caramel cream.)

16 Cervelat

(Beloved sausage and the casing crisis. Cervelat Cheese Salad recipe.)

23 Sweet Zurich Tour

30 Cherry Chocolate Clafoutis Recipe

May 2011

05 Rhubarb and Rhubarb Sorbet Recipe

12 Swiss-Made Japanese-Style Tofu

19 How White Asparagus is Grown in the Swiss Asparagus Capital of Flaach

26 Lake Geneva Perch and Hermance Fisherman (and how to prepare)

April 2011

07 Caramelized Sugar Custard Recipe

14 Blöderkäse / Sauerkäse / Suurchaes – Oldest Cheese Made in Switzerland

21 Easter Rice Tart

28 Holunderblumen Sirup (Elderberry Flower Syrup)

March 2011

03 Capuns – Regional Dish of Graubunden and Recipe

10 Badner Stein – Chocolate-Covered, Kirsch-Soaked Cake with Gianduja

17 Vaudoise Saucisson (Vaud Sausage) and Recipe for Papet Vaudois

24 Bärlauch (Wild Garlic) and Pesto Recipe

31 The Chicken Sisters

February 2011

03 Making Homemade Sauerkraut at the Thurnen Sauerkraut Festival

10 Läderach Chocolate Factory Tour in Ennenda, Glarus

17 Quiche Recipe and Variations

24 Chocolate Fasnacht (Carnival) Masks

January 2011

06 Gerstensuppe – Graubunden Barley Soup Recipe

13 Sweet Basel (Beautiful hand-formed candies and factory visit.)

20 A.O.C. Vacherin Mont d’Or Cheese

27 Toggenburger Bergfichte and Försterkäse

(Bark-wrapped cheeses and the legal battle with Vacherin Mont d’Or.)

December 2010

02 History of Kaffee Luz (Schnapps, water, sugar and a tiny amount of coffee.)

09 Appenzeller Chlausezüüg (Hand-decorated Lebkuchen Christmas tree.)

16 Midor Christmas Cookies

24 Fondue Chinoise (Meat cooked in hot oil and served with dips.)

31 Mauler Bubbly Wine to Ring in the New Year

November 2010

04 A.O.C. Roggenbrot (Rye Bread) from Grimentz in Valais

11 Chestnut Vermicelli Recipe

18 Picking Grapes and Cooking With Verjus

25 Aarauer Rüeblimärt (Carrot Festival in Aargau) and Cake Recipe

October 2010

07 Zuger Chriesiwurst (Cherry sausages from Zug.)

14 Gathering Wild Mushrooms and Poison Control Inspection

21 Pumpkins and Soup Recipe

28 Belper Knolle Cheese

September 2010

02 Greibi Cake

09 Rumtopf – Description and Recipe

16 Foods of Ballenberg – Swiss Outdoor Museum and Tradition Center

23 Zvozer – Engadine Huesuppe (Hay soup recipe from Engadine.)

30 Birchermüesli – History and Recipe