Reuben’s Bacon Recipe

Whether you are a strict vegan or a devout omnivore, everyone should know where their food comes from.  Five year old Reuben Burgess from Arnaudville, Louisiana certainly demonstrates that he does and allowed me to share his recipe for bacon.  His mom, musician and violin maker extraordinaire, Anya Burgess, also gave her permission.  Needless to say, there will be no step-by-step instructions with photographs to accompany this recipe.


I very much look forward to his recipe for beef jerky.  I suspect it will go something like:  First you git some cow.  Second you kill the cow.  Third you eat some cow.  Hopefully he will begin posting recipes on his website.


  1. This will be shared with the rest of the world.
    II am Reuben’s fourth-in-line greatest fan. His mom, dad, and little brother, Silas (13 mos.), are in front of me!!
    You must come to Arnaudville and meet Reuben and his family someday.
    His ever adoring and quite taken,
    Grandma Patti

    • Hi Miss Patti. I have indeed met Reuben. We have many mutual friends in Louisiana so end up at the same events. Loved the pic from Joel’s wedding of him and Anna. Two little heads of abundant curls! Anna may be in Zurich in a few weeks and we have brunched twice with her and Sarah in Paris.

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