Grittibänz – Bake A Swiss St. Nicholas Day Treat

My family is Swiss and German so I grew up celebrating St. Nicholas Day on December 6th.  Before going to bed on December 5th, my brothers and I would put one shoe outside our bedroom door for St. Nicholas to fill.  The next morning our shoes overflowed with marzipan, chocolate and Lebkuchen. I still put […]

No-Knead Cherry Chocolate Pecan Bread

While settling into our new home in Northern California and spending less time in Switzerland, we are rather desperately missing the huge variety of fantastic, freshly-baked breads available everywhere to meet demands of the bread-loving Swiss.  As we hunt around our new area seeking out good bread, I have begun baking my own. A recipe […]

Triätschnitte – Traditional Zürich Dessert

Triätschnitte is a traditional dish typically associated with Zürich, Switzerland.  Preparation involves a very strange method consistent between a recipe I found from 1892 and modern ones.  Stale bread slices are first dipped in a thick syrup made from water and sugar, coated with spiced sugar then baked before resting in a warm, sweet mulled red […]