Triätschnitte – Traditional Zürich Dessert

Triätschnitte is a traditional dish typically associated with Zürich, Switzerland.  Preparation involves a very strange method consistent between a recipe I found from 1892 and modern ones.  Stale bread slices are first dipped in a thick syrup made from water and sugar, coated with spiced sugar then baked before resting in a warm, sweet mulled red […]

Wine Aging Barrels and Vessels at Jean-René Germanier

I have had the good fortune, on several occasions, to visit the cellars Jean-René Germanier  in Vértoz, Canton Valais, Switzerland.  The founder, Urbain Germanier, harvested his first vintage in 1896.  The company was passed to his three sons, Francis, Paul and Charles, whose wines claimed their place among the premiers crus.  Today, third generation enologists Jean-René Germanier and Gilles Besse […]