How To Peel And Core Cassava Manioc Yuca

The yuca (also known as manioc and cassava) is encased in a thick, bark-like skin (often waxed to enable a longer shelf-life).  It must be completely removed. 

Cut the top and bottom ends off then cut it into 2 or 3 pieces.  Stand each piece on its side and, using a sharp knife, slice the skin off from top to bottom.  Be sure to remove every single bit.


Next slice each peeled piece in half lengthwise to reveal a pencil-thick woody core.  This must be removed.

Those comfortable with a knife can cradle each half in the palm of one hand and whack each side of the core, parallel and at an angle, to form a V-trench so the core can easily be lifted out.

Perhaps easier, and safer,  is to deal with the yuca as you would a pineapple.  Cut each half in half again, lengthwise.  Stand each quarter on its end and run a sharp knife down the pointy end to remove the core.

Chop the yuca into bite-size pieces or into large chunks before boiling in water to soften.


  1. Very informative. Thank you for posting it..I was just wondering how to handle it..


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