Älpermagronen – Swiss Alp Farmer Macaroni, Potato and Cheese

One of the heartier dishes served in Switzerland, especially common at restaurants on hiking trails and at ski resorts, is Älpermagronen.  This rich pasta, potato and cheese dish is best topped with caramelized onions and accompanied by applesauce. Älper translates as Alps and Magronen was the Swiss German term for macaroni or pasta. Älpermagronen is said […]

Pasta Making Class in Tuscany

My pasta making skills are, at best, marginal.  I adore the taste and ever-so-slightly doughy texture of fresh pasta.  Living for many years in a New Jersey suburb next to a town named Verona and a mere 15 miles from Little Italy in New York City meant never having to make my own. One of […]